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Related post: Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 21:53:47 -0500 From: Michael Meixner Subject: Questions and Answers chapter 2 Hey guys! Just finished writing chapter two and wow, never thought i could write that much for a single chapter but hey if the fingers want to write it then I guess let em loose. Now I know in the shock bbs tpg first chapter I left a lot of questions.hence elwebbs messages the naturalist child bbs title maybe.ok not really intended to do so but I was so focused on experimenting with smut I kind of left out some details.ok a lot of details. If Young cuties bbs I could I would take it back and add a crap ton more but alas, what has been done has been done. Anyway I hoped to make up for lack of storyline/background for my top bbs darkcollection characters in chapter two. And yes this is a scifi-fantasy story and until I reveal more, you reader's will just have to use your imagination. :) I'm just gonna say this though, and I hope you guys won't be disappointed, but I didn't put too much smut, if any, in this chapter.I figured chapter one should have been enough to tide you over until I finish chapter three..whenever that may be.hopefully soon. You guys read faster than my fingers can type lol. As I said before I really do like hearing from my readers, it gives me a sense of purpose and it's a good confidence booster since this is my first story. I thank everyone who sent me an email and gave their support. So if any of you like my story, have any comments/suggestions, or critiques (greatly appreciated) shoot me an email at yankcoltyahoo.com Disclaimer: This is my story, forged from the deepest recesses of my mind, so any likeness to any person place or whatever is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sexual themes and boys love. You should know if you shouldn't be bbs cute boy reading this, and if homosexuality rubs you nicepix bbs the wrong way then I suggest you..RUN FOR YOUR LIFE..ok maybe just leaving would suffice. Any-who, everybody else, aside from those that I just mentioned, feel free to enjoy reading my story. :)Chapter 2 'No! It doesn't fucking answer my question!' Eli hollered in his head, the only audible sound he made was the sound of a book being slammed onto the bookshelf bbs kdz in front of him. A startled gasp from nearby broke through Eli's inner turmoil, hobbs holder llc bringing him back to reality as he looked around and saw an elderly woman down the aisle nn little bbs staring at him with a displeased, haughty look on her face. He gave her a small, fake smile and apologized for disturbing her, then bbs boy blogs turned back to his job at hand, the smile instantly gone. Grabbing another armful of books from the library cart, he quickly went back to work shelving books, shaking his head of all distracting thoughts and questions. Focusing on the task at hand, he fell into a steady rhythm of reading the author's name, finding the matching shelf, and placing the book in its proper place. Before he knew it he had finished a cart load, so he pushed the empty cart to the backroom to collect the next cart. Eli worked at the city library which was far smaller and less used than the one at the university. The city library's quaint size gave it a homey and welcoming feeling whereas the university library reminded him only of studying and school projects since that's where he went to do his homework between classes. Eli was a full time student at the university majoring in literature. Even though he worked, he didn't necessarily need to. With all the scholarships, grants, and financial aid, he didn't need an income to pay for tuition. He just enjoyed being at the sven board bbs photo library, being surrounded by so many books full of adventures and amazing characters. The library was a place of refuge for him, someplace he could escape and lose himself in. And earning a little cash on hand for indulgences was a bonus too. free photo bbs Eli glanced at his watch on his wrist, it was five minutes until his break time so he figured he would just start reorganizing another cart instead of trying to reshelf a cart load of books in five, four minutes. Upon entering, he noticed that the backroom was devoid of any life, save for himself. All the other librarians and help were probably at the front desk or were shelving books teen pics bbs so he decided to add three minutes to his break and sat down at the circular lunch table. However as he sex pedo bbs sat back in his chair his mind bombarded him bbs 12 with memories of the night before last, reminding him more so of those amber- red eyes that had intently bbs childsex gazed at him like they could pierce into his soul and see into the darkest, most private parts of himself. He felt a shiver race across his bbs mafia ru flesh at the memory of that powerful body embracing him, and a heat began to pool lower, against his will. He felt his beige khaki pants tent and tighten about his growing porn passwords bbs hardness. He leaned forward, laying his forehead against the cool tabletop in an attempt to lower his rising temperature, his shaggy, sunshine gold hair falling forward with his movements. He also reminded himself that he was still at work and his boss probably wouldn't appreciate seeing one of her employees walking about the library with a hard on. Though try as he might he just couldn't shake off the tormenting memories. They only brought with them more questions than answers and yet he feared, slightly, at what the answers pedo rape bbs would be. What would he discover about himself, where would that lead him in life, what would the consequences be and could he accept himself based on the answers he would find? He raised his head and promptly slammed it back down; the questions were giving him dark bbs forum a headache. Heaving a sigh he sat back in his chair and slumped, crossing his blue sleeved freedom bbs covered arms across his tan sweater vest, and closed his ocean blue eyes in frustration. He kicked his feet up on the nearest chair and pondered over the most prominent question that kept nagging at him. It was the one that was the source of all other questions. the one which pertains to his sexuality. Eli had never been interested in anyone or anything in particular. He spent most of his high school years free movies bbs studying for college and never thought too much about sex. Sure he jerked off when he was horny but he couldn't say anything other than hormones and his body's need for release was the cause for it. His girlfriend in his senior year was his first real sexual experience, a simple blow job which was a onetime thing, and even though she was a nice, highly intelligent girl, he never felt anything for her least of all love. They agreed to break up after graduation, the reasons being that they were going to different colleges and they bbs guestbook each wanted to live a little without barely legal tgp bbs being tied down in a relationship. There were no hard feelings or heartache, maybe a feeling of relief, but Eli didn't feel much of anything when they parted ways. In college, Eli had been approached by only a couple girls, one a blond slut who said she liked his school boy look, thought it was sexy and wanted Eli to tutor her sometime. Eli blew her off completely; he couldn't stand gaudy women who slept around. He also didn't feel like catching a STD in his freshman year of college for that matter. The other girl was a kind-hearted, dark haired book worm like himself and they had met in an advanced English class in his sophomore year. They had studied together at each other's dorm rooms and one night, bbs sex lo the mood was just right and one thing lead to another which lead to sex. Now since Eli hadn't had any prior experience to compare to he thought the sex with her was good, not great or toe curling fantastic, just good. And again it was just a onetime thing. Afterwards though he started to experiment somewhat to try and figure out what could make his toes curl. No, he didn't just start sleeping around or try to find a relationship, but he did look at different porn. He achieved the average reaction to xxx movies bbs watching straight porn, but when he found a site hosting free gay porn he watched it and his reaction was slightly stronger, but he still nothing that made his toes curl. He was a perfectly healthy, vital, young male. He had no trouble achieving an erection or coming to a climax. He just couldn't find his kick, his turn on. That's why in the past couple months he had been going clubbing, hoping to find some inspiration that he obviously wasn't finding pre bbs cartoon on campus, online, or, god forbid, at the library. He had gone almost every Friday night and sometimes Saturday night, depending on his school workload. The first time he managed to enter Chrysalis, the supposed hottest night club in the city, he was shocked to see the beautiful modern interior, whereas the outside was rather plain, and more so he was surprised to see so many beautiful people, both men and women. The dark lighting was alluring and the dance floor was covered with bodies that moved in an erotic fashion. The music thumped deafeningly but it bbs russian child was comprised of all the most popular songs and even some new songs that he was sure only Chrysalis was privy to. The bar was lined with a neon green counter that gave a sexy glow to everyone who sat at it and the bartender was a handsome blond with lovely green eyes that nearly glowed in the neon light. Eli took up an empty stool and just peered around the room, drinking in the sights before him. He normally didn't move to the dance floor right away. He liked watching people interact, or if he was friends, he liked to get a little something to drink first before he went to make a fool of magic pre bbs himself in the mosh pit. What made Chrysalis different from all the other clubs Eli had visited was the level of sophistication it radiated. The modern, high-tech, designs gave the place a futuristic feel. Not only that but the people who roamed the crowded place were dressed in elegant and classy attires but each reeked with sexual tension by showing too much skin here and there as a tasty tease or being too tight and pronouncing areas that drew lusty eyes. Eli realized, looking down at himself, he was not nearly dressed to fit the part. His black V-neck was a size too small and it pronounced his nipples and hugged his slim, and lightly toned torso, and his dark shredded denim jeans that were so tight they rounded his bubble butt and curved the long muscles of his runner's legs. Not to mention his package was nicely wrapped like a present, and as he sat his jeans produced a bulge even without Eli being excited. As he looked out across the vastness of Chrysalis, he knew he looked under dressed compared to everyone else and wasn't sure why the hefty bouncer had let him in. "What can I get for you sir?" The bartender's voice broke through Eli's trance and caused him to snap his head in the bartender's direction. The blond smiled as he wiped down another shot glass with a towel. "Uh I'll take bottled water if you have any." Eli requested shyly. The bartender nodded but as he turned to fetch the requested drink a voice from Eli's right spoke up. "Scratch that. He'll have a Knock Me Down and Fuck Me." Eli turned abruptly at the new voice, blushing at the drink's name and its implications. He was about to protest but instead, his eyes grew wide as they took in a white tux clad, Greek god that leaned on the neon counter, resting on his forearms, smiling a deviously handsome grin at him. Eli felt his jaw drop but he quickly shut it, and just continued to stare, transfixed on the gorgeous man next to him. incest bbs teen Eli had admired, well more like envied men that had powerfully built bodies, tall, muscular, chiseled features, everything that radiated male. Eli was not extremely tall and his body was delicate, lacking in muscle building abilities. This new guy was just the opposite and more, much more. His hair was a dark glossy brown, almost black in the dark light, and it cascaded in waves to his broad shoulders, his long bangs tucked behind his perfectly curved ears. With his hair out of the way, Eli could see the stranger's gorgeous face, his skin unmarred by any blemishes and it was lightly, olive tanned, as was his hands that clasped his own drink. What caught Eli's attention the most was the stranger's eyes, they were reddish yellow, not orange but red with a mixture of gold that swirled in their chaotic depth. Eli had never seen such a vibrant color before and didn't know if they were special colored contacts or if they were natural. "Yes sir." Shaking his head, Eli broke out of his reverie bringing his attention back to his drink, "Wa-wait... I really just want a water." But his protest came too late naked children bbs as the Bartender had left to gather ingredients and started mixing his drink. Eli turned back to the stranger only to find him suddenly gone. Eli wildly livedoor bbs teen glanced around, searching for the handsome man who ordered his drink but in the darkness, and as the crowds shuffled in and around the dance floor, his search was fruitless. Maybe it was his imagination, maybe it was something in the air, or maybe...well he didn't know. All he knew was bbs angel teen that some extremely sexy demigod had approached him and ordered him an erotic sounding drink. "Here you are sir." the bartender smoothly placed the drink in front of Eli and then walked back down the bar counter to assist another customer. Eli's mind spun, unsure if he should accept the drink but at the same time he was curious. He was not a heavy drinker but occasionally went to the bar with friends and had a few beers. Eli never drank enough to get smashed though, he had witnessed too many times how awful a hangover could be after a night of 'fun'. Besides he found it somewhat entertaining to sit back and watch as his friends drank themselves into oddball stupors; they'd be falling all over themselves, giggling like fools and he was there laughing with them (and at bbs twink forum them) but also making sure they didn't get into too much trouble. Taking up the drink, he wafted it and smelled strong alcohol, orange juice and cherries. It smelled heavenly. He decided to take a sip, figuring it would be safe, the bartender looked like an honest man. The first sip slipped down his throat with a burn but the fruity, tangy aftertaste soothed it. It was delicious and he took another sip, thinking about how he should find that sexy stranger and thank him. "Hey there sweetie, teens in jeans bbs you boy pics bbs look new here," A soft feminine voice purred to Eli's right, "What's your name darling?" "The name's Darling." Eli jested, with a playful smirk. Turning on his stool, he faced now a beautiful platinum blond, green eyed babe. He again was shocked to see such beauty, though it wasn't quite as a shock as before "Actually the name's Eli." He held out his hand for her to shake, which she accepted. "Delilah." She smiled a pearly white smile, one that you would see on toothpaste commercial. Eli took in the sight of her and found she was very appealing with her pale, flawless skin, round voluptuous breasts, skinny waist, and long smooth legs. Her crimson red tube dress was short and low cut, showing off a lot of that pale flesh. Her lips were full and luscious, painted red to match her dress, they looked extremely kissable. Eli tried not to stare but it was difficult not to. "So how old are you?" She interrupted his eye candy feast and Eli blushed when he realized that he had been caught staring. "You are too cute." She giggled and patted his reddening cheek. "Thanks, I think." Eli turned away embarrassed and took another sip of his fruity drink. "So are you gonna free thailand girls bbs answer my wee little question Cutie?" she prodded playfully. "I'm 21, and will be 22 in a couple weeks." "Well happy birthday in advance, just in case we don't see each other until then." She raised her glass to his, "Cheers to your 22nd birthday!" "Thanks," Eli tipped his glass into hers and the both threw back the rest of their drinks. She set her empty glass down and waved the bartender over to order another round of drinks. As they sat waiting there was a silence between them, Eli was the cause of it. For some reason he was feeling a little shy at those piercing green eyes. He wasn't sure how to act around such a lovely woman who looked like she could have any man here at her beck-and-call. "Cutie you sure are a quiet one," she laughed, breaking the silence, and then continued to ask, "So are you a college student?" "Yes ma'am." "Oh please, call shock sexy bbs pussy me Delilah! 'Ma'am' makes me sound old and I certainly am not." She giggled and took up the drink the bartender placed in front of her. "Delilah it is then." Eli felt his phase of shyness slip away at her bubbly personality and relaxed more, feeling the alcohol spread into his veins. They continued a lively chat, bouncing between topics like school, family, work, personal interests, and of course their entire conversation was saturated with flirtatious comments. Eli probably wouldn't have minded inviting her to a hotel to 'get to know her a little better' adult bbs russian girl but suddenly a flash of white danced across his peripherals out on the dance floor. The stranger Eli had encountered earlier was grinding to the deafening music, surrounded by both genders, all eagerly vying for his attention. Noticing Eli's sudden distraction, Delilah looked across the dance floor and she smiled when she saw what, vicky bbs galleries or rather who had caught Eli's gaze. "That's Knight Darkly; he's the king of the nightlife. Known to most as the Prince of Darkness." Eli looked back at her, "'Prince of Darkness'? Sounds kind of corny if you ask me." "That's what I told him but he couldn't stop the gossip mills from spreading it around. So I guess he's stuck with it." "You know him?" Eli asked astonished. "What? Why shouldn't I know him?" she retorted in fake offense. "Well...I...uh didn't mean." She giggled, breaking the tension, "You really are board3 paran bbs cute! So cute I want to pre boys bbs kiss you but I'll answer your question first." She ran a delicate hand through her layered, chin-length hair. "Yes. We know each other. Probably known each other since teen sex bbs guestbook we were little tykes." Eli watched Delilah's eyes go from bright and playful to quiet and distant. Eli couldn't help but assume, "You are in love with him?" bikini bbs That snapped her right out of whatever thoughts of the past had consumed her, "Oh no no no." she laughed, embarrassed, waving her hands about in a dismissive manner and a pink flush tickled her cheeks. "I don't have any feelings for him like that. We're just really good friends." He wasn't sure if he believed that entirely but he just nodded and turned to look back on the dance floor. Right away he spotted the handsome man, dancing with, well more like body rubbing a beautiful red-headed man. The red-head was lean and delicate compared to the white clad Greek god that was grinding behind him, and his outfit accentuated all his male parts. Tight black leather pants, a red ls board bbs V-neck shirt that looked like it had gone through a shredder, and a black leather collar about his neck. free bbs nude pics Seeing how the Prince of Darkness ground his groin into the ass of the red-head's and how he rubbed his hands over the chest in front of him, pulling him close and nuzzling the red-head's preeteen bbs angel pale column, caused Eli's heart to beat faster, bringing life into his flaccid length. The red-head leaned his head back, lips parted and eyes half closed, against the wide expanse of the nude kid models bbs Prince's chest, writhing under the exploring touch, and he reached back and grabbed the sven tgp bbs Prince's ass with both hands, encouraging the Prince further. Now they were too far away so see much more details, but it was obvious that they were aroused from such a sexual display. Embarrassed by his reaction Eli tried to adjust himself and make sure he wasn't obviously showing his own arousal, but it didn't help much since he couldn't pry his gaze away from the pair. "So you're gay." That snapped Eli back into the realm of reality. "What?" He exclaimed. "You are gay." She said in a matter-o-fact tone and to prove her point she pointedly looked down at his groin at the obvious bulge. bbs kbook ls girls Eli couldn't say anything, he was too embarrassed plus he just had someone point out something that he himself didn't know or realize. After a lengthy, awkward silence Delilah decided to speak up. "There's nothing to be ashamed of Cutie, and I really could care less if you wanted to fuck big burly men instead of sweet little girls like me." Her voice sounded sincere, even though she was being playful. Eli knew too, that he was in a club that was very open towards all sexual preferences, an example being the red-head and the prince practically fucking each other on the dance floor. The thing that made Eli most uncomfortable was the fact that he didn't know what his preference truly was. "To tell you teen sex bbs tgp the truth, I don't know if I am little stars bbs pics gay or not." Eli spoke quietly. Despite the music being so loud, Delilah heard him and squealed. "An in-closet gay!!! Awe you're impossibly cuter than before!" Eli gave her a 'what the hell' look before bursting out laughing. Her reaction was so unexpected that it caught him off guard and he couldn't help but laugh and Delilah chimed in too with her charming twitter. It felt good to laugh, especially when he had wound himself up so much in just a simple question of his sexuality. After their little laughing fit, Delilah leaned in and pecked Eli on the cheek. Eli smiled and decided he could confide in her a little more. "So you think I'm gay and I don't know what to think. I like girls and as for guys...well I've never been with one cgi bbs nude before. I don't have any preference, save for maybe a decent personality and a good body, but I guess nothing seems to hit my right buttons. I've seen both gay and straight porn and neither of it really does the trick. Maybe I'm defective..." "Honey, stop right there. Not another word, you hear fotos child inocent bbs me. You are not defective," Delilah suddenly angrily scolded. Eli recoiled a little, like a puppy that had been harshly corrected for doing something wrong. Noticing Eli's withdrawal, Delilah softened her voice, "Look, porn is...well porn it's not about love or romance, it's about two people being paid to fuck one another, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Now the reason why I believe you are gay is the fact that we've been sitting here flirting for like...what?...an hour and no reaction. Five minutes watching two dudes grind and you have a boner." "Yeah I see your point." Eli admitted but he still wasn't sure. "You know though I was thinking about ways to ask you to go to a hotel with me." bestlolbbs She giggled cp bbs nude kids then said, "You sure know how to charm a lady." She paused before adding, "You know gay guys can have sex with women too. There are hundreds of gay married men out there that would love to pounce on your cute little ass. Like illegal bbs fuck that," she snapped her fingers once, "Or you could be bisexual. You just have to figure that out for yourself." "It's the figuring out part that's the hard part." "The 'harder' it is the more fun the 'figuring' out can be!" She winked. "You've made your toys bbs pics point again." Eli chuckled and out of nude sunbbs innocent curiosity he glanced up at the dance floor and what met his eyes cut his laughter short. Amber-red eyes peered across the room young kid bbs porno at him, freezing his breath in his lungs and causing his blood to pound in his ears with its lack of oxygen. Those eyes were the eyes of a hungry predator, and Eli's body trembled, partially from fear but mostly from excitement. He was so absorbed by bbs sex top50 post those consuming eyes that he didn't notice Delilah trying to get his attention until he felt a hand slide up his thigh, too close to his throbbing heat. Instinctually he caught the offending hand with a surprised hiss and looked at Delilah and her amused smirk. "That got your attention." she grinned a devilish grin. Taking her hand back and then standing up from her stool, Delilah leaned close to Eli's ear and whispered, "I'm about to do you a big favor. Just sit tight and I'll be right back." She sauntered away, gracefully maneuvering through the crowd and to the dance floor. Eli watched as she approached the Prince and his plethora of dance partners and what surprised him was how everyone parted and gave her space to approach. It was hard to see what exactly she was doing but as soon as she started dirty dancing with him Eli wasn't sure what to think...there was a little pang of hurt that Eli quickly ignored. He wasn't going to let himself feel anything, especially jealousy, when he was unsure yet of what his feelings imgboard bbs boy actually were. When she sexily wrapped her arms about his neck and pulled him down to her level, her mouth at his ear, after a moment the Prince looked up briefly at Eli and smiled a sinfully beautiful smile. Eli's heart skipped a beat and then it started pounding rapidly. Almost as soon as she arrived, she left the Prince, and his flock of followers young bbs guest book returned to their places as she walked back over to Eli's side, her hips swaying sexily. Eli knew then and there that she was a man killer but strangely, he didn't feel anything but appreciation of her beauty. "Alright cutie, we're gonna see about answering some of your questions tonight." She reached down and picked up Eli's hand, tugging on him to get him to follow. "What did you say to him?" Eli exclaimed, suddenly worried at what Delilah had planned. "Oh teen bbs nothing lol bbs teen really, just asked for a favor...if you can call it one." she giggled, knowing mosteroticteens bbs what awaited the cute, young man. Eli looked back on the dance floor and saw that the Prince had disappeared, vanished once again. Something in his gut was telling him to run but curiosity and being a little drunk allowed him to follow Delilah out to the main entrance. She told him to go down to the end of the building and wait in the alleyway and to not run away, no matter what he heard or saw. Fear gripped his stomach but he just nodded and did what he was told. dark angel bbs Little did he know that he would be walking in on the Prince fucking a very willing free bbs nude 12y and eager partner senseless, the red-head that he had been dancing with earlier. He wanted to run, or at least hide but neither man seemed to be bothered by his presence and in the last couple of hours of getting to know Delilah, he knew that she would probably drag his sorry ass back to the alleyway and watch the sex scene with him bbs teen mpg if he chickened out. He had gotten dangerously aroused at watching the two men fuck like spring squirrels and when they finished and the Prince approached him, helped him take care of his little 'issue', giving him one of the most intense climax in his life, then asked him if 'that answered his question?' and Eli freaked out with embarrassment fleeing the scene. He ran past Delilah, who was standing pt bbs gallery guard at the front entrance and he saw her face contort with worry but he couldn't stop to bbs sex model tell her that he was alright, because zeps teens bbs he wasn't. His mind was racing, trying to comprehend what just happened and what the hell were all these new feelings. Later that night after he returned to his small apartment, he regretted running away like a frightened child but he didn't know how he would have faced Delilah, nor did he know how he supposed to act around the Prince after such an amazing hand job. The thing that bothered him most was how strong his body had reacted to the Prince's touch. Never before had he felt such an all-consuming desire to be touched, held, possessed, and ultimately he wanted to be fucked by that man. His mind slightly recoiled only porn bbs at the thought and at the same time an excited shiver tickled his nerves. Even though he had watched gay porn, it never clicked in his head that he would want to have another guy fuck him, that is until that night and seeing how the red-head was lost in a world of ecstasy, Eli realized wanted that too. To be beneath that fiery heat, taking everything the Prince could give, loosing himself in a world of pleasure he could only dream of. What worried him too, was he wasn't sure if that meant that he was willing to be dominated by any guy or was it just the Prince? He had never felt a strong cosplay bbs tgp attraction to any particular guy, or woman for lo toplist bbs that matter, except for the Prince. What were these feelings? Lust was definitely one of them but Eli couldn't help but feel there was more to it than just sexual attraction. As of yet his question(s) remained unanswered, well somewhat unanswered. A tap on his shoulder brought Eli out of his deep thoughts, "Break's over, Williams,"a stern female voice that belonged to none other than Eli's boss, Wendy McDougal, who was standing behind him, announced. Her grey hair small bbs titts that matched pics pedo bbs the color of her pale, silver eyes was tied back into a severe bun and her glasses perched at the end of her long nose. She wore a white blouse and beach topless bbs a floor length denim skirt, and all of her just jpg girls bbs oozed typical librarian aura. However her slight but strong features, dark pics bbs along with her stern attitude reminded him of his grandmother, who had been a real ornery piece of work but a damned fine cook if Eli had anything nice to say about her. Even though most memories Eli had of her were just social occasions and a couple school events, and he never got to know her real well, he still missed her. But seeing Wendy (none bbs petite sex of the employees ever called her Ms. McDougal whereas she called everyone by their last names) every day that he japan bbs porn worked was like a bittersweet reminder of his grandma. Eli stood and stretched his arms over his head. "Yes ma'am," he complied with a yawn. He must have bbs magic angels ls been partially napping and now instead of feeling refreshed he was feeling like he wanted to hit the sack. "Oh don't be doing that Will.ah...umms."Wendy couldn't finish her sentence because she started yawning too. "Oh dear. well go on and kds bbs pics finish up the next cart lolta bbs 12 kids and I think you can leave early." That time she got her sentence out before she had to yawn again. bbs nude models thumbs "'Kay, thanks Wendy." Eli said grabbing the cart nearest to the door and headed out to reshelf some more books. He went out to the lobby; it was in the middle of everything and today was a slow day so bbs ass he wasn't going to be anyone's the way, so when he looked at the books on the cart he could plan out a route to get the job done faster. 'Shit,' Eli mumbled in his head, he hadn't noticed he took the romance novel cart. The cart was brimming with stories full of smut, smut, and more smut. Eli wasn't sure why people liked reading crap like this; all they are are the author's fantasies. Granted loita bbslist the stories bbs kid porn pic sold well so there must have free pic bbs been more to the stories than just sex. Eli shrugged in acceptance of his fate and headed over to the back corner which was sectioned off, the entrance covered by a blue drape with a paper sign that claimed 'Adults Only' which was a total joke. dorki bbs galleries Ok Wendy was completely dead serious about putting the drape and the sign up in order to keep underage kids from walking in there and checking out a dirty novel. Her plan totally back fired in her face because the little kids saw the room as a new secret hiding place to play in free bbs illegal links while their mothers perused through the library. Brushing the drape to the side he half pulled the cart in to the room and half left it out in the open for people, primarily Wendy, to see he was in there. It was empty which relieved him a little, it's pretty embarrassing to have someone approach the cart wanting to browse through the books and non nude bbs board watch them flip to the middle to sample the smut, right there practically in his face. He took a deep breath to focus his mind back on work and started from the top in alphabetical order, praying he could finish before someone came in. bbs forums sex As luck would have it someone did enter the closed off area but Eli was almost done, he had a top100 bbs models couple more arm loads to go so he didn't bother turning around to see who it was. He heard footsteps approach him but he paid no mind, that is until he felt a presence of a larger body hovering close behind him, close enough he could feel another's body heat tickle across his back. Eli stiffened at the sight of top list bbs adult a tanned, male hand reaching above Eli's head to the top shelf, not grabbing a book in particular but instead gripped the shelf bottom. "I found you." The man's voice rumbled with a victorious ring in Eli's ear. That voice belonged to one person Eli had never thought he would see so soon again and Eli startled, whipping around in place to see for himself if his ears weren't deceiving him, dropping the books in his arms to the floor. And when his eyes met those amused, rare golden-red colored jewels, Eli's body shivered in delight while his mind clouded with panic. mpeg pedo bbs Glancing around, looking for an escape Eli saw nn bbs pedo none. He was trapped between a rock and a hard body. The prince clearly towered over him by a good seven inches, the Prince stood at least 6' 5" and there was no way Eli could fend him off since his body was not built for fighting. The Prince was dressed extremely casually, a grey hoody with the university's blue and black logo detailed across his wide chest and he wore loose fitting, dark denim jeans. If it weren't for those eyes Eli wouldn't have recognized him so quickly. Suddenly the Prince leaned in closer, and Eli plastered himself as tightly as he could against the book shelf but even that wasn't enough. The Prince lowered his gaze to eye level, still smiling a sinfully seductive grin, his dark hair falling forward to frame that chiseled face. shocking teen bbs Eli's nose sucked in the seductive scent of the Prince's musky cologne, his head started to spin, and his knees started to go weak. "So I have a question for you." the Prince started and grinned wider at Eli's slight flinch upon hearing his voice. He moved closer brushing past the side of Eli's face until he found he target. Blowing a hot breath into Eli's ear, and suppressing a proud chuckle at the visible shiver he caused, he whispered softly, "Why did you run away from me that night?"
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